Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Groovesmiths Nu-Jazz Ensemble 6.00pm tonight at The Ellington

After a few years hiatus from performing songs from the bands earlier 2 independent releases - Demonstrations of Intent and the self titled Groovesmiths album the band is back with a newfangled sound.

With a superabundance of musical tastes and talent amongst its members the Groovesmith Nu-Jazz Ensemble is not restricted by limitations for inspiration. The result an organic, sexy smooth sound that is an amalgamation of the musical styles of jazz, Latin jazz and contemporary Australian roots music. The band performs originals written by bassist Gavin Shoesmith (ex John Butler Trio, Katamaran) and a fine selection of jazz standards with a definitive Nu-jazz twist.

The Groovesmith Nu-jazz ensemble is the essence of good times good, politics, good food and good wine translated into an aural experience. The bass of Gavin Shoesmith intertwining with the percussion by Columbian Oslu Cateneda,and the  drums of Bronton Ainsworth, providing a rhythmical feast for the melodic improvisation by Patrick Van-De-Mosel sax and the keys of Jarad Spencer. Their music digs deep into the influences of seminal musicians like Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus.
The music is a splendid blend of organic instrumentation transformed with boldness into a blend that is The Groovesmith Nu-Jazz Ensemble.

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