Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rocksteady 11.30pm tonight at The Ellington

Creating some of the most exciting hybrids of music in its wake, the emergence and diversity of Australian hip hop is taking on many forms as it develops. And as the pioneering acts continue to push the envelope, a second generation of artists - ones influenced by the first wave of Australian hip hop - are emerging as their progeny.

Recording his first song with Downsyde's Dazastah at the unbelievable age of 13; Paulie P is part of the next generation of Australian hip hop artists who are stepping up to the level of Australia's best, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their influences.

Adaptable and inventive, Paulie P earned his respect on stage supporting Aussie hip hop royalty like Downsyde, Drapht and Hilltop Hoods, but found equally rabid audiences supporting rock bands like Birds Of Tokyo. Undoubtedly, hip hop's connection with music fans in Australia crosses almost every musical line.

Seeing the limitless potential of a full live act, Paulie P & Rocksteady made their debut in 2010. The sound of the 7-piece band brought stronger tones of funk and soul, layered with breezy dub rhythms and a slick jazz undertone, to an already potent hip hop attack. More and more traces of the band's relaxed coastal upbringing began to glitter and shape the vibe of songs. With the human element also came a virtuosic dexterity and control of dynamics that opened the gates for the band to explore new territory - which they did.

And as they put the finishing touches on their debut album Until That Time (due December), Paulie P & Rocksteady are continuing to evolve as a live act, in an ever-evolving music scene that is becoming less about being a scene and more about music. The further they explore, the more decisively they hit the mark.

Dale Boaden - guitar
Sid Patni - Keys
Robin Murray - Double Bass
Garo Tanzi - Drums
Sam Nafie - Vocals
Paulie P - MC

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