Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gavin Nicklette Trio 8.00pm Tonight at The Ellington

The Gavin Nicklette Trio [GNT]  are known for taking songs everyone has heard and loved before, stripping each down to their atomic form, to be rebuilt as an original piece of aural-tastic creativity.
GNT take great pride in blurring the lines between jazz and not-jazz and invite you to be captivated by their originals and original reinterpretations for this much anticipated Ellington Debut.
GNT consists of:

Brittany Knezevic - Horns
Karl Brown – Beats
Gavin Nicklette - Keys/Words

Come and hear the Trio in a setting where their art will be allowed to morph, adapt and interact with the audience, adding an exciting buzz to the energy of the night.
With the talented Robin Murray driving additional bass lines for the night and rumours of special guest performers having been confirmed, this is a performance not to be missed.

Downstairs sold out - upstairs tickets $5 at the door

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