Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mental Health Reform Now - A Tribute to Elliot Pace 3.00pm today at The Ellington

A poignant and emotional Tribute to Elliot Pace is a call to action

Elliot is a much loved son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. He was a talented musician who died on the 17th of January this year whilst in the care of the Queensland mental Health System. Elliot was only 23yrs old.

‘A tribute to Elliot Pace’ will begin the call for ‘Mental Health Reform’ by Elliot’s family and invite the Australian public to add their voice. We will call on the Federal Government to review the legal rights of mental health sufferers who act alone in signing their own care releases.

The ‘Elliot Pace Foundation’ will be announced at the venue and its mission will be to reform mental health allowing families a statuary right to be involved in the recovery of loved ones and not rely on an invitation to be involved. Drugs & alcohol dependency and personality disorders distort rational thinking. At the age of 18yrs affected individuals are considered adults capable of rational decisions and act alone when signing their own care releases. The flaw is obvious leading to more harm or death, mental health reform is urgent & essential.

Elliot’s parents are inconsolable with a system that allowed them no say in keeping their son safe. This is not about blame. It’s about change, it’s about reform. What happened in Queensland happens in every state and happens often because that is the system working as intended. We need reform now to save lives and protect people from themselves. Civil liberties and privacy laws that allow harm are bad laws and need to change.

Music Rocks Australia supported by musical performances by friends and family offer a compelling concert, a media presentation launching ‘Elliot Pace Foundation’ on Facebook along with stories from those close to Elliot, as well as those in our local community with amazingly similar narratives of heartbreak will complete the schedule.

Unique, real-time activities will ensure that all in attendance will take part in mental health reform during the event. If you or your family have been touched by mental health, drug or alcohol addiction and experienced the mental health system then your presence at ‘A Tribute to Elliot Pace’ will give you a voice to demand “Mental Health Reform Now’. This event is for everyone, all ages and especially parents.

The Elliot Pace Foundation invites the general public to an unforgettable few hours from 3-6pm at the Ellington Jazz Club. Bring your mobile phones to be a part of the Facebook activities.
Mental Health: Reform Now.

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