Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eran James (Melbourne) 6.00pm tonight at The Ellington

Four years ago Sir Elton John heard Eran sing and put him on the road as his support act.
Elton asked Eran what he wanted. “I want to play and write and sing songs that come from my life, my heart and my experiences and which will touch the lives of others.

Elton asked Eran back to London with him to meet and work with the best creative minds in the business. “Elton gave me confidence in my own songs. He told me that he only started to find himself when he and Bernie Taupin stopped trying to write hits and started trying to write great songs.”

Four years on, Eran is, by his own admission, “a very realised guy. I guess objectively I’ve had a tricky life. Being an immigrant son outside the mainstream of Aussie culture but still feeling an Aussie at heart. The death of my mother so young. Travelling around the world as a child singer alone and apart from my family for months on end – all these things I felt and feel very deeply and I wanted to express this in a way which chimed with others. I always felt I could feel what others were going through. Getting away from Aus gave me space to look at things from a distance but it also told me how much I love Australia and being an Australian.”

Eran is back in Melbourne with 40 songs about life, love and death and a passion for moving people with songs. He plays shows around Victoria and has just completed a special guest slot on Elton John’s 2011 Aussie Summer tour.

“It’s all a lot simpler now. It’s about me and a piano or a guitar, a couple of friends and a set of stories about ordinary people like me. I think it’s ordinary people who will get it. I don’t want two years as a pop sensation. I want a lifetime of thinking about the world, writing about it and sharing my hopes and fears with the people who need it most. I want to share my music with every person in Australia, even if I have to do it 50 at a time!”

Eran’s latest supporter and collaborator is Grammy award winning producer Robin Millar “Anyone who has a heart and a soul and who cares about the world should listen to Eran James”

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