Thursday, May 24, 2012

Felicity Groom 8.00pm tonight at The Ellington

Felicity is currently on tour of Australia throughout April playing alongside John Butler for his Tin Shed Tales tour taking in over 25 dates and entering house hold name status!
The west coast city of Perth doesn’t have a heck of a lot of iconic landmarks, but who gives a rats when instead there’s iconic Perth musicians like Felicity Groom making sounds that ring through the country greater than any Belltower could. Yep, Groom ticks some impressive boxes, alright: she’s got the cool, feminine confidence of a 60s pop princess like Francoise Hardy, only her sugary melodies are peppered with bouts of wailing and growling sure to appeal to fans of the dirty rock of Nick Cave or PJ Harvey.

This sultry songbird has a talent that’s seen her wing it ‘round the world, first warbling her dark, folk-pop compositions through London, Paris and Berlin, before making her nest in Perth, where she decorates it with shiny things, like her West Australian Music Awards for Best Indie Pop Act (2009 and 2010) and Best Commercial Pop Act (2011). Triple J got wind of Groom’s 2009 debut EP, Treasures, and immediately whacked it on high rotation and made Groom a feature artist, so all could share in the brooding melancholy of magnetic tracks like ‘Criminal’. Up pricked the ears of Tim Rogers, Paul Dempsey, Sally Seltmann, Sarah Blasko and Tame Impala; who have all called on Groom to support their shows.

Speaking of mates, Groom ain’t short of ‘em: rock up to one of her gigs and there’s always a lucky dip of (sorta famous) Perth musicians causing a ruckus with striking lead singer Groom on stage. Expect to see members from Jebediah, Tame Impala and Pond join in on any given set list. They, like us, are in
constant awe of Groom’s instrumental talent (on guitar, autoharp and keys) and revel in the exciting musical arrangements she comes up with. The first taste from Felicity’s debut album Gossamer was the mega catchy Finders & Keepers (accompanied by an ultra-rad video clip) and we haven’t been able to stop humming ehhhhh-yeahehhhhh- yeah to ourselves since. Now she’s dropped the album along with the second hit Siren Song – given the solid history of success its creator has enjoyed up until this point, there’s no doubt this album will take Groom from local landmark to major attraction.

Felicity Groom’s debut album Gossamer out now on Spinning Top through Inertia. Triple J Feature album - November 2011

Groom also possesses a truly haunting voice. Like some of the best voices, it hits the listener on a deeply visceral and emotional level. Words completely fail to describe that smoky, sultry and beautifully haunting quality that Groom has as a singer - Neil Evans,, 9/10 Best New Music

There’s no way you can stop yourself from falling in love with the enchanting depth of this album - Album of the Week, Drum Media

It seems strange to use the words strident and fragile in the same sentence, but both are equally applicable to Groom’s remarkable voice, which scrapes depths, slices across rooftops and occasionally threatens to shatter atop sweet and swooping melodies - Myke Bartlett,

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