Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sir Thomas 100 true fans

Sir Thomas is an exciting and unique band creating music with a focus on melody and lyric craftsmanship. They construct uplifting and stirring musical journeys influenced by elements of minimalism and textural soundscape. The band is made up of Kitt Byfield on piano and lead vocals, Christopher de Groot on keyboards and electronics, Mel Hall on bass and Callum Moncrieff on drums.
Their return to the Ellington is part of the band’s innovative project to raise money to record their debut album, "The 100 True Fans". Every one of Sir Thomas’s True Fans will have a say on which of the band’s songs are included on the album – and this is the performance where it all happens! The 100 True Fans will also have their name and photo included in the final album artwork, and of course, they receive a copy of the album!

This show is exclusively for Sir Thomas’s 100 True Fans. If you would like more information on how to become a True Fan, check out the website and contact the band. There are still places available and tickets at the door.

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