Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Tilman and Ben experience tonight at The Ellington 8.00pm

WEEKLY traditions are the back-bone of Western culture. Bin night Tuesday, steak on a Wednesday night, late night shopping Thursdays, $12 Illusion Shakers on Friday, Hey Hey it's Saturday (originally on a Saturday night) and, of course, Sunday mass (or roast depending on your denomination).

In New York, Monday night is big band night at the Village Vanguard and has been for almost half a century. The Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra debuted at the Village Vanguard on Monday February 7, 1966. What started as a once-off performance quickly grew into one of jazz’s longest standing traditions and after several incarnations, the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (as it is known today) continues to fight the good fight. Thad Jones and Bob Brookmeyer, arguably two of jazz's greatest composer/arrangers, contributed a large proportion of the charts, many of which have since become immortalised as standard repertoire in the library of any big band.

Teaming up, Tilman Robinson and Ben Vanderwal present The Tilman and Ben Experience and deliver the music of Thad and Bobby B directly to your ear canals via a band of Perth's best established and emerging musicians. Featuring many of the raucous arrangements that made the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra so famous and some of the more left-of-centre compositions that made people leave, this gig will have something for everyone.

Saxophones: Carl Mackey, Ben Collins, Sean Little, Brett Smith, Mark Sprogowski
Trombones: Jeremy Greig, Tilman Robinson, James Cross, Rob Coleman
Trumpets: Ricki Malet, Callum G'Froerer, Andrew Gioia, Sam Timmerman
Piano: Tal Cohen, Bass: Peter Jeavons, Drums: Ben Vanderwal

Click here for tickets (bar only available)

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