Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tiaryn - 8.00pm tonight at The Ellington Jazz Club

Tiaryn is Perth’s very own pop-pianist, singer/songwriter sensation. An engaging artist who leaves audiences in awe, Tiaryn prides herself on striving to write completely original lyrics & catchy melodies, conjuring imagery of timeless stories like lost & found love whilst also aiming to surprise the listener with quirky and peculiar lyrics such as in her songs “My Big Bird” and “Banana Man”.

Gracing many venues around Perth with her indisputable talent, Tiaryn plays a strong and engaging set whether it’s a solo performance or with her band. During a solo show, her daintier vocal tones are exposed as she uses a loop pedal to create luscious harmonies and catchy rhythms on the keys. However it cannot be denied there is a certain raw energy and attitude that is evoked when Tiaryn plays with herband of monstrous musicians.

With the band’s strong jazz background, each individual is no stranger to rich harmony and long, virtuosic solos, and the genres can range from a dark, Tom Waits influenced song like “Lost In Cheap Wine” to the hip-grinding beat of Tiaryn’s neo-soul tune, “The Act”.

Fresh from the launch of her debut EP, "Keeper", Tiaryn and her band will be performing at the Ellington one last time before she moves to Melbourne, so don't miss out!!  Come down for an epic night of whimsical, wonderful music!

Tickets at the door $20 table $10 bar

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