Monday, March 9, 2009

Opening week success

Hi to all the fantastic supporters who showed up this week. The turnout over five nights was really amazing - we were at capacity most of the time with a queue down the street for a large amount of time.

Still some bugs to iron out but an overall success

This week we are straight back into it with 5 nights of music from Wednesday to Sunday.


  1. Bugs to iron out?
    None that I saw. We had a fantastic night.
    To quote a guy I overheard upstairs:

    "This place is a breath of fresh air, this is exactly the kind of place Perth needs"

    The audio in that main room is amazing! The sound upstairs is fantastic. The Champagne Lounge for the ladies is a spectacular idea.

    This truly is exactly what Perth needs.

    Well done to all involved

    d8n b

  2. I didn't notice any bugs to be ironed out either. It's a great place with great music. About time too.
    Congradulations and a big pat on the back for all the staff.
    Keep up the good work.