Monday, March 2, 2009

Opening week launches

After 2 years of preparation we are almost there with the opening of The Ellington Jazz Club. There have been many many hurdles along the way and I can certainly say that it is far from easy to open a venue in this town. In fact sometimes it appears the whole system is set up to say no and not support any new initiatives in any way shape or form...

Anyway - it's time to party so come on down


  1. I'm so glad there's finally a jazz club in perth! I just moved from Melbourne and was missing the likes of Bennett's lane and Dizzy's... good on ya guys!

  2. I look forward to coming down & frequenting your establishment... having travelled the world for most of last year, you realise the lack of venues on offer in such a wonderful city that has so much potential. Congratulations and may your business florish and be successful

  3. Finally a great Jazz Club - My family have booked for Sunday night but we couldnt wait to check it out. Last night was a hit, what a turn out! Victoria shone like a star as usual and brought the laughs as always, and the men where just tasteful and boy do they go hard.
    The atmosphere was great and the crowd were entertained.
    Cant wait to get back there asap!