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This week at The Ellington

Join us for a fabulous week of music kicking off with the new band "JOGS" featuring some fine local musical talent. Continuing the October WAAPA recital series this week is the graduands from the Contemporary Music program showcasing their talent on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Canadian Tim Chaisson is touring with Deisel at present and will be performing for us on Thursday, so be sure to check that show out. Heading into the weekend we feature shows from Shameem, Penny King, Ota Fotu and Dd Soul with the Chelsea Cullen. Then unwind at the Sunday session with a new take on Beatles material from The Fab Three. 

MONDAY 7.00pm JOGS - Jeans O'Halloran Grigson Susnjar

As the name suggests, the lineup of JOGS initially met at their regular 5am fitness and workout sessions and eventually thought, "hey, we all play instruments, let's put our international sports modelling careers on hold for a minute and see if we can't whip up some tunes for a gig at the Ellington Jazz Club". It was only after they all started recognising each other at various gigs and the halls and corridors of WAAPA that they realised the standard of musicianship was higher than expected and nearly matched their strength, stamina and athletic prowess. They knew they could be onto a good thing. "Wait a minute" said Tom, "don't we need a bass player?" "No!" the other three shouted in semi-unison, dragging Tom from the piano and clamping his left hand to the lower register of the formidable Hammond Organ. "Learn these notes, it'll be fine. But your other hand should do some stuff as well." "I can hit things!" grinned Daniel, as he proceeded to hit some things. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Fred & Simon finally agreed to disagree as to who gets to play lead or rhythm guitar, and an extremely fit and toned modern improvising ensemble was born, ushering in an exciting new era and the debut of the challenging & demanding, yet curiously satisfying musical genre "Jazzthletics". Click here for tickets

TUESDAY from 6.00pm Contemporary Graduation Recitals 

Featuring 6.00pm Tom Drouet, 7.00pm Matt Keesing, 8.00pm Liyana Yusof and 9.00pm David D'Uva. WAAPA's outstanding graduating honours students will astound you with their final performance before graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) degree. Click here for tickets

WEDNESDAY from 6.00pm Contemporary Graduation Recitals 

Featuring 6.00pm Ben Humphreys, 7.00pm Callum Morrison (HONOURS), 8.00pm Kiera Owen and 9.00pm Astrid Ripepi. WAAPA's outstanding graduating honours students will astound you with their final performance before graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) Honours degree. Click here for tickets

WEDNESDAY 10.30pm Night Cap Sessions - 5 dollars entry at the door

The Night Cap Sessions where a late night jazz duo will woo you with the finest jazz music, tasty and elegant Ellington food, quality beverages and intimately friendly service for you and your friends to enjoy late into the evening. No table reservations - first in best dressed. Be part of the nightcap scene at The Ellington Jazz Club where it’s not just warm, it’s hot. 

THURSDAY 7.00pm Tim Chaisson (touring from Canada)

Watch out Australia, Canadian Tim Chaisson is returning to our land to once again embrace the tour circuit with ARIA award winning artist Diesel. Chaisson will be joining Diesel on his ‘Let It Fly’ Tour where the pair will be on the road promoting their new EP titled ‘Last Shower’ due for release on the 11th October 2013 through ABC / UMA. Winner of the 2013 Best Roots Album at the Canadian East Coast Music Awards, playing at the 2013 SXSW festival, holding an impressive collection of awards and constantly performing to ever-expanding audiences across the globe, local audiences have had a taste of what Chaisson has to offer and are looking forward to seeing him back on our stages bringing forth his charismatic, humble and artisan approach to his work. Click here for tickets

THURSDAY 10.30pm Night Cap Sessions - 5 dollars entry at the door

FRIDAY 7.00pm Shameem

You may know Shameem’s voice from her track “Turn It On” which has been featured in a major advertising campaign all over Western Australian primetime TV. Born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an Iranian mother, this bubbly vocalist and songwriter enchants her audiences with her heartfelt, personal stories and spiritual influences in her songs. Shameem recently had a track nominated for the Independent Music Awards, and is recently returned from touring the USA and Canada where she performed at Canadian Music Festival. She has supported such artists as George Benson, Ronan Keating and Belinda Carlisle, and keeps a busy performing schedule. Her music often compared to that of such artists as Alicia Keys and Sade. To see what all the fuss is about, check out Shameem as she presents an evening of her unique concoction of soul, R&B and jazz with her hard-grooving band. Featuring: Shameem Taheri-Lee – vocals/ Astrid Ripepi – backing vocals/ Dom Barrett – Guitar/ Harry Mitchell – keys/ Callum Morrison - bass/ Ethan Darnell – drums. This performance will be a special one, as Shameem is in the midst of a crowd funding campaign for her next album recording in late 2013/ early 2014. Click here for tickets

FRIDAY 10.30pm The Spread featuring Ofa Fotu (Odette Mercy)

Ofa is an incredible singer and awesome all round performer. You might know her by the name of Odette Mercy. She fronts funk/soul band Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics, who always put on a great show. She has also be seen performing about town with The Houstons’, The Corner and The Funk Club House Band. Ofa has an amazing stage presence which will get you dancing and leave you in a haze of awe. Ofa will be joined by The Spread, the Ellington’s house band which features: Sean Phillips on drums, Roy Martinez on bass, Chris Foster on keys and Harry Winton on guitar. Click here for tickets

SATURDAY 7.00pm Penny King

Fresh from Crank studios, where she has been recording her debut album with her incredible band, Penny is back at her favourite venue for a night of her favourite tunes! Before Penny’s album launch (coming up at the Ellington very soon, so stay tuned!) come and see the band revisit some favourites; firmly rooted in jazz but taking in all styles in between. This stylish and sophisticated singer has been performing with her band since 1996, and is as well known to those in the know for her passionate and evocative stage presence as she is for her diverse arrangements of standards and contemporary tunes alike. Her position as vocal tutor in the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts’ jazz department is testament to her respected place in the thriving Perth Jazz scene. This show will feature her regular line up of Carl Mackey on saxophone, Tom O’Halloran on piano, and  Pete Jeavons on Double Bass plus very special guest Daniel Susnjar on drums. Click here for tickets

SATURDAY 10.30pm Dd Soul ftg Chelsea Cullen

Dd Soul will be gracing the Ellington stage once again playing a combination of R&B, Pop, funk, Blues tunes. Fronting Dd Soul will be Chelsea Cullen, A Talented up and coming vocalist. Come down and enjoy the fine drinks and food menu the Ellington has to offer, Along with some entertaining music and great vibes, it will be a great night out!!! Vocals – Chelsea Cullen and Jaime Hall, Keys – Norberto Flamenco, Guitar - Owen Hopwood, Bass – Dario Jiritano, Drums – Daine Spowart, Trumpet – Sam Timmerman, Tenor Sax – Amy Salter and Alto Sax – Tom Greble. Click here for tickets

SUNDAY 5.30pm The Fab Three presents The Beatles

Beatles acoustic trio, The Fab Three, draws a group of experienced Perth musicians together by their love of one of the world’s greatest bands (Sorry, Rolling Stones fans, we mean The Beatles!). Brendan, Megan and Minky G have a rich background in WA’s original music scene: between them, they’ve played with The Morning Night; Ryan Webb and The Method; The Brow Horn Orchestra; Minky G and Rosco, and even at The Raw Comedy Festival! It’s a labour of love for these three muso’s to reproduce The Fab Four’s fantastic vocal harmonies as an acoustic trio: making their live shows the perfect way to relax and relive these amazing songs in a new way. We’re still not sure which one is John, Paul, George or Ringo, but this is a group worth seeing to find out! Click here for tickets

MONDAY 21st October 7.00pm Song Lounge 

Song Lounge @ The Ellington brings an array of local Perth artists to the stage to share their song writing stories with you in an intimate setting. Those who attended September's Song Lounge were treated to the beautiful voices and quirks of Elk Bell, Holly Norman and Rachel Gorman, finishing the evening with Noah Shilkin working the grand piano! We round closer to the end of the year for Song Lounge at The Ellington with a wealth of indi song writers including Jonathan Brain, Amanda Merdzan, Karin Page and Ryan Webb. Click here for tickets

Coming Soon:

October 25 Narissa Campbell (NYC) 
October 27 Jordie Lane (LA) 
October 31 and Nov 1 Damien Leith (Sydney)
November 2 & 3 Sarah McLeod (Sydney)
November 5 Marihiko Hara (Japan) 
November 8 Pugsley Buzzard (Sydney)
November 14 Patrick James (Sydney)
November 17 Dan Sultan (Sydney)
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