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This week at The Ellington

Tuesday night you can bid farewell to the Soulman - Solomon Pitt - who has been at the backbone of our late night groove series shows for a couple of years. Great music Wednesday with a double bill from Sydney's Dave Jackson and Lewis Moody's "Career Advice". Then WAYJO return with a fantastic tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie. That would be all for the week for most clubs but The Ellington still has 5 more shows to go including gigs from Shameem, Matt Allen, Juliana Areias, Astrid Ripepi and Neda's EP launch on Sunday. 

TUESDAY 7.00pm BLACKwinter’s Night with Solomon Pitt

BLACKwinter’s Night brings you a collection of the best of neosoul and modern soul featuring songs by artists Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Dwele, Jill Scott along with many more favourites. Presented by Solomon Pitt, also doubling as his farewell show, this show will feature live sets by the award winning Skooby and Soul Lounge’s own Dannyboi. Joined by the queen of soul Cristal Phillips and BK the lyrical ninja, what better way to remedy the cold than with a BLACKwinter’s Night at the Ellington. Click here for tickets

WEDNESDAY 7.00pm DOUBLE BILL David Jackson and Lewis Moody

One ticket, twice the jazz! David Jackson (SYD). Cosmology is the study of the Universe, Ontology is the study of the nature of things, Cosmontology is the study of the nature of the study of the universe and it's also the name of Dave Jackson's debut release under his own name. Acclaimed alto saxophonist Dave Jackson (Sydney) was a finalist in the 2010 National Jazz Saxophone Awards. He's toured extensively with various groups including appearances at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival and around the country as a member of  Trio Apoplectic and the Warwick Alder Quintet in addition to The Denominators and The Dilworths. Tal Cohen - Piano, Nick Abbey - Bass and Dan Susnjar - Drums. AND Lewis Moody's Career Advice (Melb) - Since graduating the university Lewis has had to face many challenging decisions and choices. Come down and help him in the right direction. Featuring esteemed counsellors: Andrew Gioia - Trumpet, Sean Little - Tenor Sax, Ollie Christie - Bass, Bronton Ainsworth - Drums and Lewis Moody - Fender Rhodes. Click here for tickets

WEDNESDAY 10.30pm Night Cap Sessions - 5 dollars entry at the door

The Night Cap Sessions where a late night jazz duo will woo you with the finest jazz music, tasty and elegant Ellington food, quality beverages and intimately friendly service for you and your friends to enjoy late into the evening. No table reservations - first in best dressed. Be part of the nightcap scene at The Ellington Jazz Club where it’s not just warm, it’s hot. 

THURSDAY 7.00pm Ella and Basie WAYJO Tribute

As part of their 2013 Tribute Series WAYJO will honour some of the finest musicians of the 20th century. Come and enjoy an energetic performance by the WAYJO Big Band when they pay homage to jazz giants Ella Fitzgerald and count Basie. 50 years after it was first released, Ella and Basie! remains one of the quintessentially enduring, classic big band albums. Don't miss WAYJO playing a selection of some of these toe tapping big name charts. Click here for tickets

THURSDAY 10.30pm Night Cap Sessions - 5 dollars entry at the door

FRIDAY 7.00pm Shameem

You may know Shameem’s voice from her track “Turn It On” which has been featured in a major advertising campaign all over Western Australian primetime TV. Born in Australia to a Chinese-Malaysian father and an Iranian mother, this bubbly vocalist and songwriter enchants her audiences with her heartfelt, personal stories and spiritual influences in her songs. Shameem currently has a track nominated for the Independent Music Awards, and is recently returned from touring the USA and Canada where she performed at Canadian Music Festival. Her music often is compared to that of such artists as Alicia Keys and Sade. To see what all the fuss is about, check out Shameem as she presents an evening of her unique concoction of soul, R&B and jazz with her hard-grooving band. Featuring: Shameem Taheri-Lee – vocals/ Astrid Ripepi – backing vocals/ Harry Winton - guitar/ Harry Mitchell – keys/ Callum Morrison/ Andrew Pearson – drums. Click here for tickets

FRIDAY 10.30pm The Spread featuring Matt Allen

Matt Allen was one of the first students to graduate from the Bachelor of Contemporary Music at “The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts”. But not only did he graduate with flying colours, he received the award for overall top student of the year in 2010. Matt is a regular performer on the local music scene and has entertained in a number of Perth’s leading bands. from smooth jazz to soulful funk, Matt can do it all. In 2010, Matt released his debut solo album “Over” at the Ellington Jazz Club to a sold out crowd. This album was written, produced, engineered and mixed by Matt proving he is a well rounded and established musician of the highest calibre. As well as being a talented songwriter, Matt is also the managing director of Keogh Music School in Subiaco. It is here that he co-ordinates the schools music program as well as teaching singing and piano. Matt’s vocal charm and charismatic energy makes him a favourite amongst this thriving music industry. Click here for tickets

SATURDAY 7.00pm Juliana Areias - Metropolis Show

Juliana Areias – who is an unconditional fan of Jobim and also originally from Sao Paulo – expresses her pride for her home city in this new concert “Metropolis” which celebrates “paulista” artists and musicians and their love for what was known in the words of Eduardo Gudin in the song “Paulista”, “the whole world in one single city.” Juliana Areias, Marcio Mendes, Ben Vanderwall, Adam Springhetti and special guests will present a repertoire featuring songs such as “Sampa”, a northeastern read on Sao Paulo, “Trem das onze”, a light hearted samba classic that reflects the day to day of the outskirts of Sao Paulo in the 60’s, especially the Italian migrants from Barra Funda and Bras; Familia gangster ska (Rap), “Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo” – a Brazilian parody of “New York, New York” from the band Premeditando o breque. “When I think about Sao Paulo, I think about this sarcastic humour which I believe is one of the best humour of Brazil such as Rita Lee,  Titans, Ultraje a rigor, Mamonas Assassinas. These are the elements that I would like to bring to this show.”, says Juliana Areias. Click here for tickets

SATURDAY 7.00pm Late Night Groove Series Present Astrid Ripepi 

Yet again Astrid Ripepi will be hitting the Ellington stage bringing you a combination of her electrifying musical interpretations of some of the greats. Known as a multi-talented pianist/singer/song-writer, Astrid brings a fresh approach to these genres. Tonight Astrid will strictly be on the microphone leading a phenomenal band of Perth's finest musicians including Lewis Moody an incredible pianist/keyboardist who will be in town from Melbourne. If you love high energy music from our finest singers and musicians, then his is a night to attend! Click here for tickets 

SUNDAY 5.30pm Neda EP Launch

Neda has just released her new EP Daylight Disguise, is a lyric taken from ‘The Sound’; its significance struck Neda while she was listening to the mix. ‘I feel there is an underlying lyrical theme on the EP, one where things or people — or just life in general — are not always as they seem. To me, Daylight Disguise sums up the record.’ Support act - Kate Martin is a musician who doesn't like to stay in one place, musically, creatively or geographically. After gaining national attention for her debut album, the Townsville-born songstress has been travelling across Australia playing, writing and recording new music. She has taken to the stage with renowned artists including Josh Pyke, The Waifs, The Middle East, Emma Louise, Bluejuice, The Paper Kites and Little Birdy. Click here for tickets

Coming Soon:

July 19 & 20 Matthew Jodrell (NYC)
July 23 Chris Greive (Scotland)
July 28 - August 11 A Saucy Little Secret 
August 23 & 24 Alison Wedding (NYC)
August 27 & 28 Gregory Porter (USA)

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