Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wine tasting for the new list

Of the 50 wines tasted, in categories such as 'Australian Sauvignon Blanc + blends', 'NZ Sauvignon Blanc', 'Pinot Gris', 'Aromatic Whites', 'Chardonnay', 'Rose', 'Shiraz' and 'Cabernet', there were very few poor quality wines, and some exceptional stand-outs. Of course the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs were received really well, but the surprise win of the whites was a Gewurtztraminer - all aromatic nose, sweet juicy lime and peach, with a long minerally backbone. Keep an eye on the next list for that one, for sure. The win of the reds was a WA Cabernet Malbec - all rich juice and spiced, tobaccoey length. Yum.
We tasted the wines masked (the wines were masked, not the tasters) with a range of palates from casual drinkers to professional industry tasters. The results show us that the wines that are technically sound are very often the wines that are most appealing to all. We approached the tasting professionally, and everyone was still lucid by the end of the 50th - of course, by then, with 50 bottles open, the same can't be said for two hours later...! And even later, there may have been pool-side shenanigans, though there is thankfully no photographic evidence (yet...).

Deep in thought

A seven for taste.

Blind bottles, mental note next time don't use newspaper, black hands.

Dinner #1 of 2 - have to keep the crew sober (ish)

Waiting for the non-tasters to show up to start on all those 1/2 empties

Few drinks down


Just getting started...

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